Program Management

For any significant change program, having the right team to manage and implement that is essential. HCC’s team of Project and Programme Managers come from many years experience delivery information assurance, cyber and technical security projects. We have the ability to take on and deliver programs from start to finish or augment your existing staff to deliver to time and within relevant cost and compliance constraints


Solution Delivery

HCC’s team offer a Service Definition, modelling and delivery capability that can either lead or support your business, whether this is defining a new solution or taking control of a failing project and turning it around.
Our team of senior professionals work to understand your needs and define a solution that fits your requirements in the security services and product market, drawing on years of market experience.


Virtual CISO

Smaller businesses often do not have the ability of the need to employ a dedicated CISO. However with changes in legislation and the ever changing and increasing threat landscape, any firms with significant data need to understand the threats and perplexing range of cyber security products and offerings. The virtual CISO provides a Board with access to highly experienced professionals to both brief and guide them through the issues who can ‘virtually’ or physically sit inside your company as required advising the Board, managing strategies, budgets and selecting outsourced providers.


Virtual Bench – Staff Augmentation

In order to run a successful consultancy the key is full utilisation. However the increasing demands of the market, new products and market advances often mean that there is a need for staff on a more flexible basis. HC consulting have developed our ‘virtual Bench’ concept, building tams of fully referenced professionals covering a range of skills. Clients access staff directly via our proprietary portal ‘Cybrhub’ allowing you to constantly monitor and plan around your own talent pools meaning that you can bid for work in the confidence that they will be able to meet the staffing demands.




We also work with clients to help define and shape their cyber strategy, then introducing potential partners to realise the vision. Our extensive network allows us unique market access allowing us to work with clients as an outsourced business development function as well as identifying ‘bolt on acquisitions’, or providing capital raising to aspiring companies.


Business Intelligence

Through our MI team we provide clients with market insight whether it is a competitor analysis to understand market positioning or decide on a market entry strategy. Our understanding of the wider cyber market place allows us to add real colour and insight into your decision making.



The statistics around the lack of suitably qualified cyber professionals are well known and getting worse. In conjunction with our partners PGI, we have developed a cyber conversion course, taking technically capable individuals and running them through a cyber conversion course and producing individuals that while not the finished article can be employed on programs and developed on the job. We are currently in talks with both the Armed forces and law enforcement to take the appropriate leavers from those institutions to produce cyber professionals who can also be ‘vetted’ for Government work.


Finance & Markets

We are constantly in the market and as a consequence we are often meeting smaller consulting firms and emerging technologies. Therefore we can provide clients with the market access to make ‘bolt on’ acquisitions to augment existing platforms or source and introduce potential investors. We are not bankers and therefore we don’t charge like bankers! But we do have the specialist knowledge and connections to identify and access interesting products and services to augment your business.